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We make high-quality fortified rice kernels which are Blended with normal rice. We at DEV FRK aim to the production of high-quality "Fortified Rice Kernels" that will help enrich the staple food of Indians and fight the national issue of malnutrition.

Devcon Foods is among the reputed companies of Fortified Rice Kernels in India, engaged in the Manufacturing of Fortified rice kernels also known as FRK. Since our inception in 2022, our endeavors are directed towards performing better every day, which is further strengthened by a strong will to excel high in our sphere of activity. With a humble beginning, we have grown strength to strength to become a company stronger quality policy.


To be the most reliable and trusted suppliers in the form of our products and services in Fortified Rice Kernel Industry.


To be a market leader in our quality and strengthen teamwork


we believe in "Quality is the best business Policy" and so thus follow a strict procedure for quality measures for all of our raw materials and final products on a continuous basis.

General Benefits of Fortification

The health of a large section of the population is improved at a time

It does not replace the characteristics of the food

This is a cost-effective method

This process is beneficial for urban areas people that they don't have time to invest in health.

It does not require any changes in the eating patterns or food habits of people.

Rice Fortification can also be a replacement for supplementary pills for iron, folic acid, vitamin B12, etc.


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